"My heartfelt aspiration is to continue to make a living exploring the infinite possibilities of the creative mind.  My hope is that these offerings bring some small joy to the people that keep them." 

photo by lindsay stephany lau

photo by lindsay stephany lau

Amy Grigg is an artist and woodworker whose work has been sold in galleries across the United states and internationally. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Paier College of Art, Hamden CT.

amy began working with wood in 2001, started experimenting with wood turning in 2007 and became interested in turning wooden bowls in 2012.

“my work has been created with great care and consideration toward form and balance, both visually and experientially. I strive to bring out the beauty of the wood by keeping the design simple and smooth. I spend a lot of extra time making it look as if it were effortless”


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